Saga Campaign Rules


Players represent a single Warlord trying to first become an Overlord, then a King and finally High King. Each starts with a 6 point Saga army and one territory, an Earldom.

A Vassal is a warlord who has been defeated, but not killed in battle. He now joins the ‘team’ of the winning player, his new Overlord. You can also voluntary become a vassal to any other player during the Declarations phase. A player can’t swap Overlords unless he is defeated in battle again. You are no longer a Vassal if your Overlord dies, (however if  this is in a battle you are in which is lost you will have a new overlord).

An Overlord is a player who has at least one Vassal. An overlord who is defeated (but not killed) keeps his own vassals but also becomes a Vassal Lord of the winning player.  Keep track of the hierarchy of overlords and vassals.

A King is a warlord who owns all the territories of a country, or has at least one territory of that country and has vassals who own the rest. A King may transfer ownership of any open territories to himself or any of his vassals. For example the King can take away the open territory from one vassal and give it to another.

Open territories are those without a warlord player. They can be invaded and conquered, giving plus one Saga army point to the conqueror. Any other player can represent the enemy for that one battle in the Open territory. If two warlords declare to invade an open territory in the same turn they can fight a battle there to see who captures it.

Players who’s Warlords are killed are out of the campaign. However they may still fight as the defender in any open territories.

The Campaign Turn

1: Declarations

2: Battles

3: Muster


Players must declare they wish to invade a territory. Each Warlord can invade once per turn, but he can also defend his own territories as often as required. Invasions of the same territory by different players will be done in sequence, unless an Overlord is invading with his Vassals.

Overlords can allow a Vassal to act independently or order them to join in a combined invasion, leading to a multiplayer battle.

Declarations are made by posting orders by email or blog entry. If two or more declarations affect the same players or territory then fight the battles in the sequence as they were posted or emailed.


Play the standard clash of Warlords scenario, with a modification that a player can surrender at the start of his turn and become a Vassal.  If one side is outnumbered by 2 or more Saga army points then he has the option to play the Homeland scenario as defender. Also use the usual adjustments if using more than 6 point armies.


At the end of each campaign turn record the new Saga Army points strength for each player. Each player who successfully lead an invasion gets +1 Saga Army point. This does not apply to vassals who where ordered to fight alongside their Overlord.

Outnumbered. If a single player is invaded by a warlord and his vassal, he can either choose to fight them both together (using the Homeland scenario as previously described on the Saga page), or refuse battle and fight dirty.  In the later case play the Escort scenario with the single player attacking the baggage of the enemy Overlord. The enemy Vassals will be uninvolved and can’t make any new invasions that turn. There is no Warlord surrender option when fighting dirty, but there is when fighting Homeland.

Pitched Battle

If an invaded player is a vassal or an Overlord he can call on his ally for support and fight a Clash Of Warlords scenario with 2 v 2 players. In a Pitched Battle Clash Of Warlords there is no surrender option for a Warlord: the side to have a Warlord killed fist loses and the remaining player becomes a vassal. It is assumed a single warlord will never invade an alliance territory unless he has a death wish!


From campaign turn 3 onwards a vassal can rebel against his Overlord, or an Overlord can attempt to eliminate a troublesome vassal! Imagine the scene: a fight breaks out at the yearly paying homage ceremony between Overlord and vassal , no one knows for sure who struck the first blow but both Warlords are wounded and one of them won’t last the day. Either the Overlord or the vassal can declare Betrayal instead of invading a territory that turn. Play the standard Challenge scenario.

Saga Britian


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