Saga Turn Two

Orders are starting to come in…

  • Steve B and his Bretons have invaded Wales. Anyone fancy playing the Welsh (Steve can provide the army).

Saga Campaign, End OF Turn One

The last battles of the year have been fought and turn one comes to an end. Here are the standings:

  • Alan owns Normandy & Wessex, has no vassals, and has 7 Saga army points
  • Neil has Norway, East Anglia pays tribute with Chris R as his vassal, he has 7 Saga points
  • Brian has Flanders, Mercia pays tribute with Bob as his vassal, he has 7 Saga points
  • Steve B has Brittany and Aquitaine, has no vassals and has 7 Saga points
  • Mick has Northumbria, has no vassals, he has 6 Saga points
  • Bob and Chris R are vassals, each with 6 Saga points
  • Chris J is in Valhalla, feasting and battling just for fun!

Rules Change

I’ve changed the rules slightly to keep the battles playable and ensure a quick campaign. See below…

Outnumbered. If a single player is invaded by a warlord and his vassal, he can either choose to fight them both together (using the Homeland scenario as previously described on the Saga page), or refuse battle and fight dirty.  In the later case play the Escort scenario with the single player attacking the baggage of the Overlord only (not the vassal). The vassal is then free to go off and invade another territory. There is no Warlord surrender option when fighting dirty, but there is when fighting Homeland.

Pitched Battle

If an invaded player is a vassal or an Overlord he can call on his ally for support and fight a Clash Of Warlords scenario with 2 v 2 players. In a Pitched Battle Clash Of Warlords there is no surrender option for a Warlord: the side to have a Warlord killed fist loses and the remaining player becomes a vassal. It is assumed a single Warlord will never invade an alliance unless he has a death wish!


From campaign turn 3 onwards a vassal can rebel against his Overlord, or an Overlord can attempt to eliminate a troublesome vassal! Imagine the scene: a fight breaks out at the yearly paying homage ceremony between Overlord and vassal , no one knows for sure who struck the first blow but both Warlords are wounded and one of them won’t last the day. Either the Overlord or the vassal can declare Betrayal instead of invading a territory that turn. Play the standard Challenge scenario.

Saga Campaign Turn 1, so far…

Starting territories:

  • Northumbria:           Mick
  • Mercia:                      Bob
  • East Anglia:              Chris R
  • Wessex:                     Chris J
  • Normandy:               Alan
  • Norway:                    Neil

Turn One moves so far:

  • Neil’s Vikings conquered East Anglia by defeating Chris R in battle. Chris R is now a vassal of the Norse and must join them in battle if commanded.
  • Alan’s Normans conquered Wessex by killing Chris J in battle. Chris J is out of the running, but will command any non-player territories.  The Normans get +1 Saga army point for owning Wessex, now a non-player territory.
  • Bob needs to give a turn one order
  • Mick needs to give a turn one order
  • Steve B needs to declare his starting territory and give a turn one order.
  • Any other players need to step up and make their claim to the throne of England!

Saga Britian