Saga Campaign Turn 1, so far…

Starting territories:

  • Northumbria:           Mick
  • Mercia:                      Bob
  • East Anglia:              Chris R
  • Wessex:                     Chris J
  • Normandy:               Alan
  • Norway:                    Neil

Turn One moves so far:

  • Neil’s Vikings conquered East Anglia by defeating Chris R in battle. Chris R is now a vassal of the Norse and must join them in battle if commanded.
  • Alan’s Normans conquered Wessex by killing Chris J in battle. Chris J is out of the running, but will command any non-player territories.  The Normans get +1 Saga army point for owning Wessex, now a non-player territory.
  • Bob needs to give a turn one order
  • Mick needs to give a turn one order
  • Steve B needs to declare his starting territory and give a turn one order.
  • Any other players need to step up and make their claim to the throne of England!

Saga Britian


4 thoughts on “Saga Campaign Turn 1, so far…

  1. I believe I must apologize to Chris R as to the behaviour of my Berserkers. They just got carried away with themselves when the wiped out 2 points of hearth guard in 1 round of combat. As you now seem to be my vassal I think a mutual bit of Norman bashing might be in order!
    Your Overlord.

  2. Breaking news – carrier pigeon just arrived tells that the Bretons have a new Warlord (Steve B) and have just invaded Aquitaine.

    Battle set for the feast day of Gerontius, martyred bishop of Bordeaux, (9th December for you pagans) between Steve and Chris J, (representing the non-player territory).

    See for feast days etc.

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