Saga Campaign Turn 1, so far…

Starting territories:

  • Northumbria:           Mick
  • Mercia:                      Bob
  • East Anglia:              Chris R
  • Wessex:                     Chris J
  • Normandy:               Alan
  • Norway:                    Neil

Turn One moves so far:

  • Neil’s Vikings conquered East Anglia by defeating Chris R in battle. Chris R is now a vassal of the Norse and must join them in battle if commanded.
  • Alan’s Normans conquered Wessex by killing Chris J in battle. Chris J is out of the running, but will command any non-player territories.  The Normans get +1 Saga army point for owning Wessex, now a non-player territory.
  • Bob needs to give a turn one order
  • Mick needs to give a turn one order
  • Steve B needs to declare his starting territory and give a turn one order.
  • Any other players need to step up and make their claim to the throne of England!

Saga Britian